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When you find yourself Granny try a bona-fide “swinger”, Grandfather was a real “stick in the mud”

Featuring: Florence Henderson during the a twin role as the Carol Brady so that as Connie Hutchins, Robert Reed into the a twin character given that Mike Brady and Hank Brady

Cindy takes a pair of earrings Carol loaned so you’re able to Marcia, and manages to lose him or her. Cindy enlists flourishing investigator Peter to greatly help select the jewelry just before Marcia or Carol see. The stress is found on whenever Carol wants to put them on in order to an outfit group. When the specifics happens your family reconstructs the latest incidents prior to Cindy missing the earrings, and acquire him or her regarding the washing machine – broken. 093 421 “You’re Never ever Too-old” Bruce Bilson Ben Gershman Expenses Freedman March 9, 1973 093

The kids you will need to create the maternal great-grandmother, Grandma Connie Hutchins, and you may paternal high-grandfather, Grandpa Hank Brady, following the two already been to own a trip. Immediately after particular troubles, Granny Hutchins fundamentally victories over Grandpa Brady, as well as the several elope into the Vegas. 094 422 “You cannot Winnings These” Jack Donohue Lois Hire February 16, 1973 082

Bobby and Cindy compete to own somewhere towards the a kids’ tv test show Concern the kids that have machine Monty Marshall. Cindy earns this lady location, and you can gains an enormous ego this means that, but she blanks when the adult cams initiate running. Mike and you will Carol package a supper party that has been in the first place going to get a barbecue, upcoming Mexican food, then good smorgasbord, modifying times from time to time, instead of solving a date into cluster. Guest famous people: Edward Knight (father away from Christopher Knight) just like the Monty Marshall, Harlen Carraher because Clinton contestant number one, Miyoshi Williams since the Clinton contestant number two, Tracey M. Lee just like the Woodside contestant no. 1, Claudio Martinez once the Woodside contestant number 2, Vicki Schreck while the Woodside contestant # 3. 095 423 “An area at the top” Lloyd J. Schwartz William Raynor Myles Wilder February 23, 1973 094

Greg and you will Marcia for each and every must move new freshly cleared attic within their individual area

Greg is actually sooner because of the room while the earliest of the college students, however, relinquishes the space in order to Marcia immediately following reading the woman tearful pleas getting confidentiality off their sisters. A bored Bobby and Peter – wanting to keep its area to help you themselves – collude in order to irritate Marcia adequate to score the girl in order to relinquish the brand new area. Marcia initially accuses Greg of the shenanigans, even so they in the near future realize what’s become happening. Marcia finds out she’ll has the lady opportunity to use the area when Greg makes to own college or university and gives him the space. Invitees Superstar: Chris Beaumont due to the fact Hank. Note: For the “All of our Child, the person” for the Seasons dos, Mike says to Carol that the attic could well be suitable for Greg if only the guy was in fact two and a half base extreme.

Season 5 (19731974) Episode # 096 Seasons # 501 Label Brought because of the Authored by Amazing airdate Creation code # 098

Following Brady infants perform a track together with her, slick-speaking ability scout Tami Cutler would like to signal Greg so you’re able to a good unicamente tape deal and work out your more than towards a singer entitled Johnny Bravo. Greg alienates his siblings into the desire it, and you may upsets his parents as he announces intentions to delay college or university. Greg’s waiting for unicamente stardom, but when he finds out their recordings was in fact electronically “sweetened”, face Tami. Tami and her associate know it appreciated Greg because he “match the single incontri divorziati brand new suit”, prompting Greg simply to walk out. Visitor celebrities: Jeff Davis just like the Hal Barton, Claudia Jennings as Tami Cutler, Paul Cavonis since the Friend Berkman. Note: Brand new actors whom starred the public relations agent therefore the attorney was uncredited. 097 502 “Mail order Character” Bruce Bilson Martin Ragaway September 21, 1973 096

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